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This page contains information about training solutions available for AIXM users and developers.

AIXM 5.1 - eLearning

Three AIXM eLearning courses are being developed by Eurocontrol and it are made available through the Training Zone. The following table indicates the intended content and the development status of these courses.


AIXM 5 Information Modelling and Data Coding Basics

Part 1 – Information Modelling and Data Coding Basics. The course provides an introduction to some basic technical concepts used by AIXM 5, such as UML, XML and GML. This subject has been developed mainly for operational personnel who are not yet familiar with these concepts.




AIXM 5 purpose, scope and design concepts

Part 2 – AIXM 5 Purpose, Scope and Design Concepts. The particular course describes in detail the purpose, scope and design concepts of AIXM 5 and is intended to be studied by operational personnel who are working in the AIS, or technical personnel who are developing systems or applications using AIXM. Alternatively, you may simply be interested in AIXM.

Partially available

Part 3 – AIXM 5 - Coding and provision of the ICAO Digital Data Sets. This course will have one mandatory topic (Introduction to Digital Data Sets) and six optional topics, each covering a category of AIS data sets, that may be studied depending on your area of interest. This subject is intended to be studied by both, operational and technical personnel.

Will be developed in 2022

Training provided by commercial entities

The companies and organisations listed below claim to provide AIXM training services. The order is alphabetical.

GroupEAD   Complete training catalog, including AIXM courses

Nilacandi      AIXM training for AIP Editors and Cartographers

Solitec           Standardised and customised AIXM trainings for executives, domain experts and software developers

DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of a company name and service description in this list does not imply in any way the endorsement of their services (or of the organisation itself) by EUROCONTROL or FAA.

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AIXM Workshops and Seminars

Several AIXM training events, in the form of 1-2 days seminars, took place in he previous years. The slides from these events are available in the Archive section. Please see in particular:  

Digital NOTAM Workshop - May 2014   Digital NOTAM Workshop in Eurocontrol, Brussels organised in partnership with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the objective to present the Event Specification version 2.0.

AIXM 5.1 Seminar - December 2012    This seminar took place in Brussels, Eurocontrol HQ, on 4-5 December 2012. It was attended by around 70 participants from world-wide, representing ANSP, industry, airlines, service providers and military organisations.