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AIXM Change Control Board




The objective of the AIXM Change Control Board (CCB) is to maintain and to evolve the AIXM Specification as necessary for enabling States to comply with the ICAO global and regional requirements for the provision of aeronautical information, in the context of the evolution towards digital AIM and System Wide Information Management (SWIM).



The members of the AIXM CCB represent a wide range of stakeholder organisations from many parts of the World. They act under the provisions of the Change Management Charter (“Charter”), which also defines the change management processes.

 AIXM CCB Charter

The AIXM CCB is open for participation to any AIXM stakeholder organisation, condition that the proposed member has a very good knowledge of the AIXM model and a business interest in the further evolution of the model. Currently, the AIXM CCB comprises representatives from around 55 organisations, with the following profiles:

Please use the link provided below in order to submit a request, in the name of your organisation/company, for becoming a member of the AIXM CCB. By submitting the registration request, you acknowledge that you agree to comply with the AIXM CCB Charter.


  AIXM CCB Registration (form)

(Note: when using this link, you will be re-directed to the Eurocontrol Web site where the registration page is hosted. However, this does not imply any ownership of the AIXM CCB by Eurocontrol. It is just a technical solution for ensuring the proper follow-up of the CCB membership request!)

Future AIXM versions

The maintenance and evolution objective is achieved through the release of new AIXM versions. These include both the core specification components (UML model, XML Schema, Temporality Concept) and also the associated documents (GML Profile, Feature Identification and Reference, etc.). The following versioning policy is applied.

AIXM 5.2

The next regular AIXM update is now available, with Release Candidate status. This means that all the changes approved by the CCB have been implemented. The UML model and the XML schema are in final status, with no known issues. The new version is ready for use. However, in order to allow sufficient time for testing and to ensure that no hidden issues exists, AIXM 5.2 will stay in release candidate status until end 2023. If no issues are found, the AIXM 5.2 will be formally released in January 2024.

All changes implemented in AIXM 5.2 are documented here: AIXM 5.2 changes.

AIXM 5.3



After version 5.2, it is estimated that a future regular AIXM update might be necessary around 2025 (at the earliest). Possible objectives for that version include:

  • alignment with the ICAO SWIM requirements as developed by the ICAO Information Management Panel;
  • enable the provision of new aeronautical data elements specified by ICAO, in particular in support of FF-ICE;
  • enable the provision of aeronautical data in support to future ATM concepts, such as time based operations (TBO);
  • ensure the interoperability of aeronautical data (AIXM) with the evolving needs of the flight data (FIXM) and MET data (iWXXM);
  • correct issues and limitations detected in the previous versions;
  • provide Guidance material for the implementation of AIS data services compliant with the SWIM concepts.