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TCP Sistemas e Ingeniería (TCPSI) is an independent Spanish company in the Software Engineering field. Its main business fields are: Communications and Networking, specific solutions aimed to monitoring and operation of IT infrastructures; Business Process Management (BPM), solutions based on market tools focused to satisfying enterprise needs, allowing design, automation, control and audit of the different business processes within the organisation; and Industrial and Aerospace Systems. 

TCPSI has a dedicated division working for the industry and aerospace market for more than ten years. Its activities are organized in the following business lines: Virtual control centres and collaborative systems; M&C applications for ground segment systems; RT On-board software development, simulation, modelling, testing and validation for Space platforms and payloads; and Control and Automation Sw for Unmanned Systems.



TCPSI is expert in the digital and visualization management of AIXM 5 in 3D 

under the World Wind framework. It allows using the countless amounts of layers provided by any Web Map Services service in conjunction with AIXM 5.

In addition, TCPSI develops ATM interfaces mainly for UAV monitoring, in which acquired data can be imported and displayed in AIXM format, or can be linked locally or to a specialized Data Base.
We also support the creation and edition of imported aeronautical information data into a 3D ATM interface, to be saved as AIXM 5 format.


Supported Features

TCPSI has provided the World Wind’s GIS with the functionality of displaying the following entities that compose an AIXM5:

  • Navaid
  • Designated point
  • Runway
  • Airport/heliport
  • Route
  • Standard instrument arrival/departure/approach
  • Airspace
  • Vertical structure


Applied Developments

TCPSI is continuously involved in developments based on AIXM 5. Currently, TCPSI belongs to the market-leading companies group working in the ATLANTIDA project, in a European framework. Among other responsibilities, TCPSI undertakes R&D activities aiming at prototyping the future ATM systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

As an advanced interfaces expert company and empowering our knowledge in AIXM 5, TCPSI have generated a dedicated advanced 3D ground station for the future ATM monitoring of these aerial vehicles (UAV), which is based on the AIXM 5 AIP, displaying the simulated and real traffic in real-time.

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