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Haritaevi Aviation Engineering

Spatial Aeronautical Information Management Solutions

Haritaevi has extraordinary expertise in the development & deployment of Aeronautical Information Managment (AIM) software applications. To assist and enable Deep Analytics of AIM for the Turkish General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB) in 2015, we designed and implemented the web portal to allow human and machine users to browse, select and visualize terrain & obstacles around an airport, and their potential Obstacle Limiting Surface (OLS) impact.

What do we have in ObstacleAnalyze ?


  • You can view and query the construction criteria for the area remaining in the airports obstacle plan,
  • You can see our aeronautical and shielding studies and query for the point you click,
  • You can upload files to our Notam and KML management tools and query for the point you click,
  • You can perform critical obstacle analysis according to the criteria you choose from your obstacle list,
  • You can view and query the CNS BRA (Building Restricted Areas) surfaces, ICAO Annex 14 OLS surfaces and ICAO Annex 15 surfaces,
  • You can visualizig AIXM 5.1 data format,
  • You can add your obstacle in AIXM 5.1 format to the system individually or by clicking on the map,
  • You can add obstacles collectively from the file (.xlsx, .txt, .kml ve .csv formats) in accordance with ETOD standards,
  • You can convert between ETOD and AIXM 5.1 formats,
  • You can use our obstacle management system as an individual or as a team by adding your own obstacles,
  • You can view the AIP obstacles of a specific country and use them in your analysis,
  • Using our surface analysis function within the scope of SID procedures, you can view the obstacles that violate the area you create.

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