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AIXM 5.1 Specification

Data Model (UML)

The AIXM 5.1 Data Model was created with the IBM Rational Rose Data Modeller, as a small updated of the previous version 5.0. It is available in several formats, including the original .mdl file.

  AIXM 5.1 Data Model (UML)

XML Schema (XSD)

Tthe AIXM 5.1 XML Schema was automatically generated from the AIXM 5.1 UML Model by using a script, which works with the .mdl model. The resulting schema, together with further infromation is available through the link below.

  AIXM 5.1 XML Schema (XSD)

Temporality Concept

The purpose of the AIXM Temporality Concept is to enable the modelling and encoding of aeronautical data in relation with the time. As compared to the previous version 0.5, the version 1.0 (released with AIXM 5.1) includes some clarifications with regard to Schedules/Timesheets and some editorial corrections.

 AIXM Temporality Concept (version 1.0)

Feature identification and reference

The AIXM 5.0 schema uses the XLink schema bundled with GML 3.2 for representing a reference between two features. This document provides guidance with regard to the use of xlink:href in AIXM data sets, including the use of Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) as time-invariant feature identifier.

 AIXM Feature Identification and Reference (version 1.0)

GML Profile

AIXM is a GML 3.2.1 compliant schema. This means both that AIXM applies the GML rules for application schemas (such as derivation from the gml:AbstractFeature, compliance with object/property model, etc.) and that the GML geospatial elements are available in AIXM for the encoding of positions, lines, surfaces, etc. However, only a small sub-set of the GML capabilities are necessary for the encoding of aeronautical data. In addition, there are some specialities of the aeronautical data (such as the reference to State borders, used of arcs and circles, etc.)  that require special handling in GML. For this purpose, a GML profile and associated guidelines for use of GML for aviation data has been developed by the Aviation Domain Working Group of OGC and is made available on the OGC Web site.

 Guidance and Profile of GML for use with Aviation Data

Note: a revised version of this document is now available in relation with the AIXM 5.1.1 version.

Application Schema and Extensions

The purpose of the AIXM Application Schema concept is to enable a community of interest to develop extensions of AIXM core features with new attributes or associations or define new features, which are only relevant for that community. There are no differences in this area between AIXM 5.0 and AIXM 5.1, therefore the same documentation is applicable to both versions.

AIXM 5.0/5.1 Application Schema and Extensions